Collection: Picture Frames

Introducing our exquisite collection of picture frames that are not only a stunning addition to your home decor but also a testament to our commitment to sustainable living. Each frame in our handmade collection is meticulously crafted using recycled wood, ensuring that no two frames will ever be identical, as we embrace the natural variations and beauty of the materials we use.

Our skilled artisans breathe new life into old, used boards by repurposing barn wood, old pallets, wooden spools, and other reclaimed materials to create the sturdy foundation of our frames. But we don't stop there. To truly capture the essence of rustic charm, we adorn these frames with delicate willow twigs, rustic rope, corrugated metal, and even authentic Brazilian cowhide or birch bark, adding a touch of uniqueness to every piece.

Every time you gaze at your treasured photographs encased in one of our picture frames, you'll be reminded of the undeniable beauty and eco-consciousness that went into their creation. Bring nature's touch into your space with our one-of-a-kind picture frames, making your memories truly unforgettable. Choose sustainability, choose rustic elegance, choose our handmade picture frames.